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What is Flat Fee Recruitment? Pros and Cons Explained

The most enjoyable and stressful aspects of running a business can both be recruitment. Reading through resumes, setting up interviews, meeting applicants, and eventually identifying the best individuals who will accomplish the task at hand while blending in with the workplace culture To get it right, you need a skilled, competent, and patient professional. Time is a valuable resource for these types of workers, and many of them struggle daily to find efficient ways to complete their work while maintaining a high standard. In this article, we introduce you to flat fee recruitment. A strategy that has helped many organisations save time, money, and resources when looking for the best job candidates. In essence, it is the union of recruitment agencies and job board advertising. Your ad has been optimised and published on a number of employment boards. Additionally, for a single flat cost, applicants are resourced, and applications are reviewed.

What is Flat Fee Recruitment?

The best elements of job board advertising and conventional recruitment agencies are combined in flat charge recruitment. A flat fee recruitment agency will manage your campaign and the extensive coverage of numerous job boards for a single fixed rate. When employing a flat fee recruitment firm to advertise your position, the recruiter will take many steps to guarantee that your advertisement receives the most exposure and that the ideal candidates apply. Your job posting will be optimised so that it receives as much exposure as possible. This mostly entails using the same phrases repeatedly because search engines rank items depending on how relevant they are, which is determined by how often the same keywords are used.

Your applications will then be vetted so that the top applicants will be shown to you without you having to go through a sea of unnecessary ones. Additionally, we provide remarks to applications so that our clients are fully aware of the rationale behind our ranking decisions. Additionally, the flat fee recruiter can resource the position if your advertisements aren’t performing as well as anticipated. This entails looking through a variety of job boards and social media platforms to locate people who may not be actively looking for work but are ideal for your position.

Is Flat Fee Recruitment Important To You?

The cost advantage of flat fee recruitment is evident. In addition to being far less expensive than hiring through an agency, flat fee recruitment also enables firms to accurately estimate the cost of each new worker and factor that cost into their total budget. Given how flat fees operate, your recruiter’s primary objective is to find you the best candidate at the most appealing salary. This guarantees you had the finest experience and will hire them again when you need to fill a new opening. Since agencies typically charge a portion of the final payment that the candidate has agreed to, they frequently promote applicants who are more likely to seek a high wage than those who are best qualified for the position. 

Using a flat fee recruiter also enables to advertise a job. While agency recruiters frequently only reach out to a certain group of professionals, flat fee recruiting aims to reach a wider audience. A job posting can reach up to 10 million UK job searchers, as we’ve already indicated in our job board AdvertiseJobs UK, giving you the highest possibility of connecting with those who will be most helpful to your company. Finally, there are no restrictions on any of the CVs you receive. This allows you to save even more money and effort by using them to perform additional, similar tasks as needed in the future.

The Pros:

This solution has the apparent advantage of filling vacancies for much less money than utilising a recruitment agency. This is due to the common commission fees (of about 15%) charged by agencies. This can get quite expensive, especially if you hire several individuals. You only have to pay one fee whether you hire one candidate or fifty, thanks to flat fee recruitment. The primary benefit of flat fee recruitment over job board advertising comes from the screening of your submissions and the resourcing of applicants. Additionally, flat fee recruiting allows you to post your job advertisement on numerous job boards for less money than if you were to pay to post the job advertisement on numerous job boards yourself.

Another benefit is that your advertisement will be put under your brand, which has several advantages. Branded advertising increases brand exposure significantly. As a result, you will have a lower dropout rate when it comes to the interview stage because this draws more and better individuals.

The Cons:

Every specialised position can be more difficult to fill without the assistance of a flat fee recruitment agency that is aware of the precise qualifications required for your position. The fact that your competitors will be able to see exactly what positions you are hiring for and the pay rate you are willing to provide for them is another disadvantage of the branded advertising you receive. This means that they can compete with you to hire the finest applicants for themselves (and most likely will).


We hope this blog post has given you a better knowledge of the benefits and drawbacks of flat fee recruiting and given you a clearer sense of whether this service would be suitable for your hiring requirements. You should be able to decide whether or not flat fee recruitment is right for you based on your financial situation, geographic location, and the position you want to fill. If you still need clarification, AdvertiseJobs UK is now providing a free consultation to assist you in selecting the best recruitment options.

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